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Ride Above Disability Therapeutic Riding Center is a therapeutic riding center that teaches recreational horseback riding to children and adults of all ages with disabilities. As a facility, we follow PATH Intl guidelines and standards.

Programs We Offer

Ride Above Challenges

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RAD Therapeutic Riding Center Introduction


What parents and alumni say about us


“Our daughter has been riding with you all for a number of months now. She was so lucky to get into the program. Each time she goes she is happy and excited to be going to see her horses. I have watched her ride and was so happy to see how straight she sat in the saddle. This was the best posture I've ever seen her demonstrate. She was also able to handle the reins and really participate in controlling the horse. What a great experience!!! Thanks so much.”


"RAD is a 'slice of heaven'. A truly welcoming and accommodating environment that fosters fun, acceptance, connection and growth. Thank you for doing all the work that you do to ensure that everyone is taken care of. I enjoy meeting new volunteers and seeing those we connect with each week when we are at the ranch. I feel appreciated by the staff and cared for by others while we are there. Someone's always there if I have a question or concern."


My sons gait has improved tremendously when walking. He is more stable and has more of a normal stride. He is able to last longer during other activities and gets around easier on the playground. I attribute this to riding and the movement of the horse!


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